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CSS-R11 Proximity RFID Access Control Terminal

CSS-R11 Proximity RFID Access Control Terminal

A new generation access controller, which is slim and easy wiring. In addition, CSS-R11 provides weatherproof function for outdoor using. It will be suitable for company, factory, and even home using.

Finger Vein Access Control Terminal

Finger Vein Access Control Terminal

With Hitachi Finger vein module, It makes finger vein device perform in a high level, and its model designed and IP65 rated weatherproof to fit in indoor and outdoor


RFID Reader | Access Control Manufacturer - CSS

Chiyu Technology Co., Ltd. is one of prime time attendance | access control manufacturers located in Taiwan since 2000.

CE, FCC and ISO certified, along with the widespread usages of network and internet protocol, the more requirements of security products and access control is increased rapidly. CSS's access control products including user friendly and high security face recognition, finger vein with no property of latency, modern design and basic IP65 weatherproof RFID reader, VMS (video management system), and serial to tcp ip converter for serial printer, barcode scanner, scale, GPS, sensor and more.

CSS has been offering customers high-quality access control products, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, CSS ensures each ustomer's demends are met.


Access Control & Time Attendance Solution

Biometric Access Control Applications

Chiyu Technology offers various solution for both Access Control and Time & Attendance.

Fingerprint -
High quality fingerprint controller that you can apply devices both entry and exit side
With our Embedded web server and central management SOMAC Software, you can easily upload fingerprint user data to another device.

Facial recognition -
Biosense FA1 provides you face/card/password verification, with our SOMAC software support, users can upload user data to another device.

Finger vein -
With Highest security and the latest biometric technology, Chiyu Technology offers finger vein access control and time & attendance solution.
Chiyu Technology's Finger vein device apply with Hitachi finger vein module as it will provide user a great performance identification.

Lift Control & Floor Security

Lift / Floor Control solution provided by Chiyu Technology can be managed up to 128 floors/Lift straight from a single lift access controller SEMAC-S3, with the proprietary software (SOMAC 2.2-Lift control module) or inbuilt http web server, designed for the case, this way, has been a great helpful for system manager to manage equipment, configure parameter for the lift control system, even higher the lift/floor access security level by granting different bypass time zone and authority to daily users in front of the desk. We will recommend you to contact CHIYU staff for the installation detail.

Smart Home & DI/O Control

BF1010 :
10 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs.
Monitor Digital Inputs : Panic Button, Temperature Sensor, Door Sensor
Remote Control Outputs : Siren, Alarm, Light, Fan
Setup trigger events between terminals thru TCP / IP.
If temperature in the server room is too high, triggers security office's alarm and also server room's air condition (outputs).
If humidity in green house is low, trigger water spray (outputs), air quality low will trigger air cycling (outputs).
Report E-map monitoring and email alert.

Chiyu Desfire Card Solution

Desfire encryption is the highest security for RFID card. It can not be copied.
CHIYU is the leader to read complete Desfire key. Most of companies just read desfire serial numbers.
CHIYU business partner can define own customer key for reader & card. Those key can not be replaced by other brand. In the future, customer may need to keep purchase the same reader from you.
Easy operation and we have advance version for customized.

OSDP-Open Supervised Device Protocol

Secure your data with OSDP v2

OSDP v2 stands for Open Supervised Device Protocol v2. This protocol is open to all manufacturers of readers, controllers and software. Security Industry Association (SIA) recognizes OSDP v2 as a standard interface.
So, what is it and why is it important?

Here are some of the OSDP v2 encryption benefits:
Higher Security (AES encryption)
Advanced Functionality
Ease of Use
More Interoperability
Allow Biometric data transfer

1.Secure Channel mode defines a method of implementing encryption, key management, and authentication on an OSDP connection. Using AES-128 encryption and this method allows relatively easy implementation in control panels and peripheral devices, even if writing in manufacture.
2. Its connection is encrypted (OSDP v2 supports high-end AES-128 encryption) and makes it much more secure than Wiegand and other common protocols.
3. OSDP is cheaper to install because it requires less cable. Also, this interface enables a reader to function even if it’s located 1200m away from the controller. In case with Wiegand, the distance between a reader and a controller rarely exceeds 80m.
4. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to implement.

Video Management Systems

* Demo Video Link :
* Bookmark (shown user's log for both A/C and T/A).
* Sensor Text Overlay (BF1010 DIO controller with temperature / humidity / CO2 sensors, shown real room status from sensors).
* Alarm Alert (screen alerts from events -- unregistered user, door open too long).
* Remote Control Outputs : Siren, Alarm, Light, Fan....etc.
* Setup trigger events between terminals via TCP / IP.
* Report, E-Map monitoring and email alert available.

In the video, the application is monitoring real time temperature (server room), humidity (greenhouse), CO2 (indoor air quality) and panic button.
- If server room's temperature too high triggers security office's alarm and server room's air condition (outputs).
- If greenhouse's humidity too low, triggers water spray (output).
- If indoor air quality too bad, triggers air cycling (output).

Solution Diagram


Nx ACS & Chiyu ACS with DIO Management Systems